Can I purchase courses using my organization’s purchase order?

To avoid confusion, errors, and delays, we strongly encourage working out arrangements where your organization reimburses you for courses completed.

However, for those organizations with very strict policies, we can accept an invoice along with payment for course exams to be taken. If the selected course requires the purchase of a book, ask your organization to reimburse you after purchasing the book or request your organization to order the book material for you.

Please register as a member at the website before you organization submits an invoice (it’s free to register). Then along with the invoice please provide: 1) the name of the person wishing to take the course(s), 2) their email address, 3) phone number, 4) course or packaged desired, 5) name of organization paying for the course(s), 6) and contact person handling the organization order.

Typically, organizations working with purchase orders send payment for the course(s) by US mail. When we receive the payment, we will set up your member account with your course selections. We will then notify you by email that your package or exams for your selected course(s) are ready for you to use.

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