If I purchase credits is there still an exam fee?

You can purchase course credits, or an Unlimited membership. If you need 10 credit hours or more, the Unlimited is a better deal – in part because the membership includes access to recorded webinar courses and access to the ebook library.

When you purchase credits those credits will allow you to take the exam instead of paying for each one individually. This covers the exam fee, but for those courses that have a cost for the material, you'll need to pay for those separately.

If you purchase the 20 credit package, you will be able to take up to 20 credits worth of exams. How you divide up the 20 credits is up to you, as you get to choose what courses to take. 

The majority of our courses are based on free-to-access online materials. Some courses are based on materials with a cost, such as the cost to purchase a book or recorded webinar. This is not part of the exam fee.

Please note that when you purchase an exam, you are purchasing two attempts to pass the exam . If you do not pass the exam at a score of 75% or greater after two attempts, the system will charge you to take the exam again. If you have an Unlimited CE membership you still only get two tries to pass an exam before the site prompts you for payment to take it again. 

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