What do I get with the Plus Packages?

Our Plus Packages are like buying in bulk. You get a discount for paying for 10 or more course credits.

How It Works: Once you purchase a Plus Package, the package credits go into your account. You’ll see your current credit total at the top of the page. You can apply the package credits to any course, in any category. They do not expire.

What’s Included? Your package credits cover all exam fees. Most of our courses are based on free-to-download materials. If there is a book or other purchased material for the course, that must be purchased separately. In that case, CE-credit.com provides a link to buy the book, for your convenience. If you wish to take a course worth more CE credit hours than your membership package is worth, you can simply pay the prorated amount for the difference, or buy another membership package.

Course Credits vs. CE Credit Hours One last important point: purchasing a Plus Package for a certain number of course credits does not guarantee you’ll earn the same number of CE hours. If you use credits for a course but do not pass the course exam after two attempts, you will lose those credits. This doesn’t happen often though, as our members are very diligent with their Continuing Education courses.