CE-Credit Hosted Webinars FAQs

Application to Present a Webinar


1. What are CE-Credit hosted webinars?

CE Learning Systems is implementing a program of live continuing education events that will be accessed online.  These live webinars, will feature presentations by licensed behavioral and mental health professionals. The topics of the presentations focus on relevant clinical and academic topics in mental health.  

Participants who register for the live webinar will be provided a link to the meeting.  

After the live, virtual presentation, attendees will be provided a link to complete an evaluation.  Upon completion of the evaluation, the attendee will receive their CE certificate.  

2. What is the webinar process for a presenter?

If you are interested in being a presenter please complete the Presenter Application. 

Your application and qualifications will be reviewed by our team.  We will follow up with you directly about your application.  

If your application is accepted, you will attend training sessions with our staff to make sure you can access the webinar portal and that audio and video quality are tested.  

Meanwhile CE Learning Systems will schedule a date and time for your webinar and advertise your webinar to our customer base.  

On the day of the webinar, you will access the webinar portal and conduct your virtual presentation.

After the webinar is finished, CE Learning Systems will send evaluations and CE certificates to individuals who attended the webinar.  

3. What is the time commitment?

Before the scheduled webinar, we will meet to conduct a quick training session to ensure that you are comfortable with Zoom and that the audio and visual components are functioning properly.

On the day of the webinar, conduct your presentation by accessing the webinar link that will be sent to you.  

CE Learning Systems will be responsible for administrative tasks such as advertising your webinar, sending evaluations and CE certificates.  

4. What is the compensation?

As a Webinar Presenter, you will be eligible for the following compensation rates:

Number of registrants 1-hour Live Webinar 1.5-hour Live Webinar 3-hour Live Webinar 6-hour Live Webinar
20 or less $175 $200 $275 $425
21-30 $225 $250 $325 $475
More than 30 $250 or 20% of the calculated revenue, whichever is greater.  There is no upper limit on the revenue share.   $275 or 20% of calculated revenue, whichever is greater $350 or 20% of calculated revenue, whichever is greater $500 or 20% of calculated revenue, whichever is greater

If there are fewer than 10 paid registrations as of one week prior to the webinar date, the session will be cancelled.  CELS reserves the right to cancel a scheduled webinar at their discretion at any time. 

5. When will I get paid?

This will be outlined in the presenter agreement, which will be sent to you upon acceptance of your application.  

6. How do I start?

You begin by submitting the Presenter Application form.  


7. What are you looking for in a presenter?

We are looking for qualified behavioral and mental health professionals with a masters or PhD degree in their respective field.  

Having prior experience with webinar presentations is beneficial but not a requirement.

8. What are you looking for in a presentation?

Presentations will range from 1 hour to 6-hours in length.  Webinar presentations will consist of a powerpoint presentation, a video of the presenter speaking to the audience, or a combination of both. Consider submitting more than one topic. Two- or three-part mini-webinar series are very popular, and more choices help us offer a balanced, broad-based series. 

9. Who approves the presentation?

Our webinar team, which is made up of mental health professionals, will review your application.  

We will evaluate your credentials and experience.  We will also review your presentation and content to ensure that it meets our quality standards. 

10. What marketing are you going to do to promote this?

CE Learning Systems will market and advertise your webinar to our customer base via targeted email marketing.  We will also advertise your presentation on social media.  

If you have individuals who may be interested in attending your webinar, talk to our webinar coordinator who can get them registered.