Managing your team


Upon setting up your team, you'll be directed to the Summary page. This page provides an overview, including:

  • Team contact email
  • List of staff (admins and owners)
  • Your seats, displayed as:
    • Seats Used: Total number of active seats assigned to team members
    • Open Seats: Inactive seats ready for assignment. These won't expire until assigned.

To purchase more seats, click the +Purchase Seats button in the seats section.


To the right, you'll find the Usage tab. This displays team member course completions. For new teams, this will initially be empty.


The Members tab is crucial. It comprises three sub-tabs:

  1. Team Members: Displays a list of members with details like name, license, seat status, seat expiration, and last login. To modify a member's details, click the blue "edit" button on the list's right side. Here, you can manage their seat, adjust admin/staff roles, or remove the member from the team.
  2. Invitations: Send invites via the +Invite Member button and oversee existing invitations.
  3. Expiring Seats: Monitor seats nearing their expiration or those recently expired.


The Invoices tab archives all team-related purchases, detailing the purchase date and number of seats bought.

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