How to Add Your License

Adding a license to your account:

To add a license to your account, first click on Licenses at the top of the window, then click Your Licenses and Certifications

On this page, click the blue Add Your License/Certification button. 

Select the state you are licensed in, then your license type. After that, click Next Step.

On this page you can enter your license number to have it listed on your CE certificate, and/or enter your license expiration date to be reminded via email when your license renewal is coming up soon. Please note, both your license number, and license expiration are optional to see course approvals and use our service. Some approval boards may require your license number to be listed on your certificate, so make sure you've entered your license number if your board requires it. If your License uses CE Broker, please enter your license number as it is listed in CE Broker to allow auto reporting.

On some license types you may see a check box labeled Seeking Initial Certification. If you are working towards the initial requirements for your license, check this box and select the license you are seeking, and the license you currently hold (if any).

If you have multiple licenses to add, repeat this process by clicking the blue Add Another License/Certification button on your licenses page.

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