CDCA Preliminary Courses

The first phase of the CDCA certificate process is called the CDCA Preliminary.  

OCDPB requires you to take 40 hours of chemical dependency specific education in these categories:  

  • Theories of Addiction (5 hours)
  • Counseling Procedures & Strategies with Addicted Populations (14 hours)
  • Legal and Ethical Issues Pertaining to Chemical Dependency (6 hours)
  • Assessment & Diagnosis of Addiction (3 hours)
  • Treatment Planning (7 hours)
  • Group Process & Techniques working with Addicted Populations (5 hours)

AddictionCounselorCE is not the board office. To learn more about the requirements to get your CDCA certification through OCDPB visit their website HERE

You can complete the required education for your CDCA Preliminary with AddictionCounselorCE! 

  1. Signup for an account on AddictionCounselorCE
  2. Pick a membership plan. The most cost effective option for completing your CDCA courses is the Unlimited CE Membership
  3. You are ready to begin taking classes! Here is a suggested course list for the CDCA Preliminary
  4. After you have finished the course list, OCDPB asks that you complete an Education Grid to document your hours.  Locate the CDCA Preliminary Education Grid HERE
  5. Next, go to the OCDPB application instructions page to complete your certification application via the e-license portal.  HERE

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