CDCA Renewable Courses

The second phase of the CDCA certificate process is called the CDCA Renewable. Formerly known as the CDCA II. To apply for your CDCA Renewable, you must hold a CDCA Preliminary for 10 months. However, you can work on your credits with Addiction Counselor CE as soon as you have your preliminary license number.

OCDPB requires you to take 30 hours of chemical dependency specific education in these categories:  

  • Substance Use Disorder (SUD) & Recovery Knowledge, 5 hours
  • Counseling Procedures & Strategies working with SUD, 8 hours
  • Group Process & Techniques, 5 hours
  • Assessment & Diagnosis of Addiction, 3 hours
  • Treatment Planning, 6 hours
  • Legal and Ethical Issues Pertaining to SUD Professionals, 3 hours

Addiction Counselor CE is not the board office. To learn more about the requirements to get your CDCA certification through OCDPB visit their website.

You can complete the required education for your CDCA Preliminary with Addiction Counselor CE! We offer an easy training curriculum for earning your CDCA Preliminary. Get the full information on our CDCA Renewable Curriculum page.

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