Team Members


Your Team Members tab is where you will manage, add and remove your team members. Starting out, you will only see yourself on your members list, but as you add members via invite emails or invite links, they will show up on this list.

Team Members

A list of all team members, including yourself and Admins. 

Emailing Team Members

To email a team member, click the purple mail button or blue copy button next to their name and email:

Modifying Team Members

To modify a member's details, including role and seat assignment, click the blue View Member button on the right side of the members list: 

Downloading a list of your Team Members

To download a shareable spreadsheet of all your team members, click the blue Download Members List button at the bottom of the Team Members page.


Here you can invite people to your team and manage your existing invites. 

Inviting a member to your team

You have three options to invite members:

  1. Email:
    Individual Email Invites: To invite members via email, click the +Invite Member button at the top middle of the Invitations tab. Enter the member's first name, last name, and email address, select which website they should use ( for behavioral health, for addiction counseling), enter an optional message, then click Send Invitation
  2. Bulk Spreadsheet Invites:
    If you are inviting a large list of members, the Bulk Invite button allows you to import a spreadsheet of up to 500 members to be invited at once! Make sure to download the Excel template file to organize and format your invitees' names and email addresses correctly.
  3. Team Join Links:
    As an alternative to inviting members to your team via email, you can provide the Team Join Link to members, which will automatically add them to your team after they sign up for a or account using your Team Join Link.

Expiring Seats

A list of all team members whose seats are expiring soon, or have already expired. For information on purchasing new team seats, or renewing existing expiring/expired team seats, see How to Purchase Team Seats.

Expiring Licenses

A list of all team members whose entered license is has expired, will expire soon, or has no expiration date entered. To email a member, click Copy Email or Email [Member Name] next to the member's name on the left. 

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